The Ideal Healthy Weight Loss Diet
Expect Remarkable Results

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Cost

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Costs

The healthy weight loss diet costs less than you might think

The remarkable results, the wonderful feeling of wellness and vitality plus the professional support and knowledge you receive at our weight loss and wellness centre all add up to a very significant return on your investment in you.


  • The costs of the program are short term, but the results can last a lifetime
  • Our clients typically report saving of $30-60 / week on their former food, snack & beverage spend which makes this program extremely affordable
  • The one-time program fee averages just dollars / week over the course of your program and never increases regardless of your weight loss goal or time in the program
  • The program has an end, and most people complete the program in 3-6 months


An ideal weight loss program should cost less

No matter how you compare the program to others, an ideal diet will cost you less, the results more long-lasting and you learn that you never have to worry about weight again!

  • A single one-time program cost with no annual fees
  • Step 1: to 90% of your goal, in part using 3 Ideal servings per day
  • Step 2: to 100% of your goal, in part using 3 Ideal servings per day
  • Step 3: 2 weeks only, now it's just 1 Ideal food serving per day
  • Step 4: Congratulations!  Now let`s complete your nutrition education
  • Step 5: If you need additional support, we'll schedule monthly follow-up appointments till you're comfortable with your new routines.  We want you to succeed/no additional cost 

Call to learn the diet costs and find out just how quickly you can reach your goal.


The bottom line on the healthy weight loss diet costs

Weight Loss Return On Investment

Our healthy weight loss diet costs less than well advertised national programs, professional staff help you quickly feel and see the results plus you get expert lifestyle and nutrition education.

Our clients all appreciate the simplicity of the program, it's selection of great tastes and the remarkable results, you will too!

The remarkable results, the hard to describe feeling of wellness and vitality, the support and the knowledge you`ll receive all add up to a very significant return on your investment in you.


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